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L. Pescador, 1995





Welcome to the Artes Africanae site.


Artes Africanae is a non-commercial site dedicated to “traditional” African Arts, created by the members of an homonymous Italian discussion forum embracing researchers, amateurs and collectors.


Artes Africanae is therefore the visual product of innumerable lively debates on the many aspects of the arts of the black continent, from the identification of tribe-specific artistic styles, to market trends, to issues of authenticity and other associated subjects related to this fascinating artistic body of knowledge.


Kindly click here for a direct access to the Italian forum or to the previous version.


To better understand our nature and motivation, please read our moderator’s introduction.


Artes Africanae was also created with the intent to spread knowledge about authentic African Arts, and above all to raise public awareness vis-à-vis the growing proliferation of false African handicraft and artificially-aged African artifacts, which unfortunately are presently flooding the international art markets.


By “authentic” or “original” we define an object that has been sculpted, fused, weaved or layered in the socio-cultural or religious context of a specific population and then utilized by the same population for an extended period of time.


It will be our privilege to periodically present on this site new virtual exhibitions on specific topics.


Have a pleasant tour of Artes Africanae, and as we customarily salute each other on this site, we extend you our best greetings!












The Fanti, the Companies and the Asafo flags






Pende Mbuya mask, DRC







a contemporary "primitive" artist





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