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L. Pescador, 1995





Femmes dans les arts d'Afrique
October 10th 2008 – July 12th 2009

Musée Dapper
35 bis, rue Paul Valéry
75116 Paris



Femmes is the title of the new annual exhibition of the Dapper Museum in Paris, from October 10th 2008 to July 12th 2009.


One hundred and fifty masterpieces of African art not only from extensive collections of the private museum in Paris but also from many European institutions, such as the Musée Royal de l'Afrique Central in Tervuren, the Musee d'Ethnographie in Antwerp, the Staatliches Museum fur Volkerkunde in Monaco, the African Museum in Berg en Dal, the Rietberg Museum in Zurich, the Barbier-Mueller Museum in Geneva and the same Louvre. The dazzled eyes of passionate visitors are not only watching the «usual» superstars, such as the «Bangwa Queen» already seen last year at the Rietberg and the subject of myriad publications and exhibitions, but also many unpublished pieces, all of great aesthetic value and quality that distinguishes the Dapper.


Mothers and/or Queens, women represented by traditional African artists present a remarkable variety of symbolic incarnations and, of course, represent one of the most important and significant themes of all African arts.


Among the essays published in the catalogue, edited by Christiane Falgayrettes-Leveau, to be noted the texts by Jean-Paul Colleyn and Anne-Marie Bouttiaux.