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L. Pescador, 1995







Published and distributed by Ibeji Art

Coloured hardcover in plasticized carton

Size cm 24 x 31 – 5 cm thick

660 glossy pages

510 coloured full page illustrations , single or pairs

19 coloured illustrations with particular details of Ibeji

17 full page coloured  maps
Publication: 12/2008
Number of pages: 655
Price: € 150,00
ISBN-13: 9781606438152



Truly a monumental work for the volume size, the completeness of the content and the editorial importance given to the volume, this last effort of the Turin's scholar and passionate Fausto Polo completes the work done with his two previous books devoted to the figures of the Yoruba twins. If however the first and the second parts of the previous catalogue of the Ibeji are distinguished by this latest encyclopedia of the Ibeji for some differences in approach, the strategy remains the same as the intent: to identify all formal characteristics, and countless different types of Ibeji who have "lived" the Nigerian Yoruba territory. Pieces of high aesthetic quality and then follow other artistically and collecting the less important precisely because the goal is classification and documentation. Also in this work of Polo, is in my opinion truly remarkable and almost irreplaceable, not only for "niche" collectors of the Ibeji but for all lovers of the African arts. Moreover, proposed  in this final encyclopedia is a method for the assessment, including commercial, of the Ibeji and this is certainly a cause for concern for the potential reader. Though perhaps some may have been adversely affected by the fact thath previous works were published by Polo with the help of a commercial art gallery, with all possible "conflict of interests" that might have ensued, the "purists" readers will be pleased to certify that the new American editor is not a commercial subject but has even secured an effective international distribituion.