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L. Pescador, 1995





Masques bobo : Vie, formes et couleurs

di Guy Le Moal, foreword by Anne-Marie Bouttiaux


Pages: 126

Publisher: Biro (published 20th november 2008)

Language: French

ISBN-10: 2351190505

ISBN-13: 978-2351190500

Price: 35,00 euro (bound)



After the publication of les Bobo – nature et fonction des masques of 1980 for  the ORSTOM (now known as IRD - Institut Francais de Recherche Scientifique pour le Développement en Coopération) the French scholar Guy Le Moal now publishes, for the Biro editions, another volume dedicated to this Burkina Faso tribe and above all to its masks. The splendid pictures taken at the scene, for the most part unpublished, show some Bobo religious ceremonies normally reserved strictly to the initiated. They also let you capture “live” Bobo masks made of leaves and fibres, which are considered the holiest and that, given their ephemeral nature, do not allow for easy viewing least of all a museum exhibition.