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L. Pescador, 1995








Forum Artes Africanae

We started from here. Subscribe if you want to take part to our discussion about every aspect of african art.

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Centro Studi Archeologia Africana

Research Center dedicated to study and to spread the knowledge of african art and archeology.

Three main departments:

- archeology, rock art and ethno-archeology;

- african beads;

- ethno-aesthetics and african art.

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African Art and Traditions Library

The website of the Library: thousands of books, articles and publications about these topics.

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Anthropology at Milan University

Anthropological studies and researches at the Bicocca University in Milan.


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Guy Van Rijn Database

Van Rijn Project's database website classifies african art objects appeared in most important auctions and books.

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A collection of beautiful pictures taken in Dogon e Lobi villages.

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Metropolitan Museum of Art

African, Oceanic and American Art of the New York museum.

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Dapper Museum

Website of the Paris museum dedicated to African and Carribean art and their diaspora.

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Musée Quai Branly

The new Paris museum for extra-european arts. Strongly desired by Chirac, it collects the best of premier arts that were scattered in several french museums.

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Tribal Arts

One of the best magazines specialized on tribal and extra-european arts.

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Parcours des Mondes

A specialized fair kept every year in Paris with some of the finest specialized galleries.

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Voyages en Afrique

900 texts, 30 magazines and 80 maps in .pdf format from the inventory of the National French Library.

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